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For Strawberry Fair many people and groups were invited to

decorate a scrim sheet to go up on the fencing set up around the site.

Here's what we all came up with! Artist names provided where possible . . . 

We've also had photos of 2019 submitted to display here  - if you spot anything of yours, let us know so we can add your name - 

and if you want to add your art to this gallery . . . 

get in touch via Contact Us page on this website!

Cambridge Yarn Collective

The Fantastical Dreamland Garden

Moosha P - Artist: Hilary Cox Condron

"Designed and painted with

The Kite Trust and LGBTQ residents

as part of the Wild in Art Cows about Cambridge Trail

which will be launching soon. . . 

Read about the symbolism of  lavender here:


Read more about the symbolism of the pink triangle here:


More Sexual identity flags here:


And what does the initial ‘P’ stand for in Moosha’s name -

in the words of Marsha P Johnson: ‘Pay it no mind’


Aaaand (gosh I’m giving you a lot of links this evening ) . . .

more about the Cows about Cambridge art trail here!"

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