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Cambridge Greenpeace has Superheroes who often help us promote campaigns and events. They typically do this outside surrounded by nature and talking directly to the camera in videos for our social media. Please check out the descriptions of them we have provided below. . . 


Captain Greenpeace has curly brown hair and a large blue and green eye mask with a zig zag pattern. He has a blue short sleeve top and briefs, over dark green sleeves and light green tights and tall black boots with a pointed front edge. A green peace symbol with a gold lightening bolt through it is emblazoned on his chest and he has a dark green belt with a gold hexagonal belt buckle featuring a metal peace symbol, and a long green cape. 


Rainbow Warrior has long flowing hair that is many different colours of the rainbow. She is wearing a dark blue sleeveless overalls cut short above the knee and blue tights that lead down to sturdy boots. She has a chain and anchor for a belt that can be unhooked and used to fight crime and an anchor and rainbow emblem on her breast pocket. 


Forest Friend has long dark brown hair decorated with a pink and white flower crown. She has a olive green shoulders and short sleeves and a shining green dress with glittering floral vine embroidery in a curved triangle coming down from the top of the dress and floral sandals.


Denizen Defender has short brown hair with a light beard and dark brown eye mask. He has a silver arrow head pendant hanging down onto his bare chest and light brown bracers on his forearms. He has a short brown skirt with a woven belt decorated with a jaguar print pelt at the front and small metal peace charm hanging from the belt, with brown woven sandals. He is sometimes seen wielding a long black handled spear. 


Polar Protector has shoulder length blond curly hair and a somewhat weather damaged white lab coat cut short at the front with a metal peace charm on the breast pocket and a simple overlapping snowflake and atom emblem on the back. She has a white top and leggings with glittering white shorts with an ice like embroidered pattern and glittery white sandals.


Air Advocate has wavy golden hair and a light beard and a white eye mask with ornate golden patterns. His cloudy white toga hangs off his left shoulder and has four small banners of fabric alternating light blue and white hanging down from his shimmering silver fabric belt like an apron. The front layer of the apron is emblazoned with a blue triangle with a line horizontally across it with a black  spoke emanating from each flat side like wind turbine blades. He has brown sandals adorned with white feathery wings and a long shining white cape that comes down from both shoulders and attaches to the front of the toga with a silver metal peace charm.


Peace Prophet has thick black hair and a white cloud shaped mask. He has a white long sleeved shirt with Greenpeace written vertically down one side and a metal peace charm pendant. A shining silver sash hangs from his right shoulder and leads down to his waist where it connects to a silver knee length skirt. He wears black trainers. 


Recycling Ranger has a tuft of dark brown hair emerging from a white baseball cap worn backwards. He has a large green eye-mask with capital R's around each eye hole. His shirt is white with ripped sleeves and edges and trousers are cream with torn off legs, his left ending above the knee and right slightly below. Both are damaged with many rips and holes covered in patches varying from red and green to black covered with peace symbols. 

He has green fingerless gloves and faded trainers, and a short white cape decorated with his emblem; a pointed green recycling symbol with concentric curved lines of magnetism inside it.


Climate Crusader has large wavy brown hair and light beard, with a pointed yellow mask with red and black flame like patterns. He has a high collared red jacket with short sleeves and gold trim that buttons at the neck and curves down to the sides at the waist and flowing down at the back. He has a glittering golden pad of shoulder armour on his right shoulder with golden ribbon flowing from it and spiraling down his arm to a golden ring on his little finger. He has bright yellow shorts with a long red cape falling from the waist band to the ground and a dark red emblem on his left short leg that resembles a wheel with eight spokes emerging from it one of which is an exclamation point with its dot at the center of wheel. He is usually barefoot.

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