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Cambridge Greenpeace's team of Superheroes help at events and online, promoting campaigns and encouraging others in the fight for the Planet.

Many of their videos can be seen on our Youtube
Captain Greenpeace

Specialist subject: Renewable Energy

A genius inventor and engineer with keen interest in renewable energy works with Greenpeace first as a civilian and since gaining his powers formed a team of heroes to fight for climate justice.

Rainbow Warrior

Specialist Subject: Oceans

The spirit incarnate of the original Greenpeace ship, Rainbow Warrior is constantly seeking to better understand humanity and spread love and awareness for the oceans.

Forest Friend

Specialist Subject: Forests /Fracking

A botanist and activist chosen by the forests of the Earth to be their champion, with natures blessing of magical skills she fights for the preservation of green spaces. 
Denizen Defender

Specialist Subject: Rainforests /Innocent lives

Born with mystically enhanced empathy, Denizen champions love for the planet and the many wonderful species and people that call it home, by defending the rainforests (and the world) with the team and his animal friends. 
Polar Protector

Specialist Subject: Ice

Environmental lawyer and scientist, Polar Protector gained her powers while investigating at the North Pole. She now uses her ice powers and legal expertise to fight for the planet in the field and in the courtrooms. 
Peace Prophet

Specialist Subject: Peace and disarmament 

 A 'cosmic boy scout' in tune with the flow of the universe, he has mastered various mindful arts on a mystic journey of self discovery and uses his skills to help the world find peace. 

Air Advocate

Specialist Subject: Clean Air / Air Pollution

Sent back in time from a doomed future where pollution has won and humanity is choking, Air Advocate joined the team to try and alert humans of the dangerous path we're on and create a better cleaner future. 

Recycling Ranger

Specialist Subject: Sustainability and recycling

Already a fan of the team, and working with Captain on greener technologies, now Recycling Ranger aims to show everyone a greener way to live for the sake of the Planet.

Lobbying Legion

Specialist Subject: Political Lobbying

Not much is know about this mysterious hero who seeks to represent and speak up for those who struggle to be heard. Often very busy in negotiation debating important issues.

Climate Crusader

Specialist Subject: Climate Emergency

Having sworn to defend the Earth from the potential devastation due to climate breakdown, Crusader seeks to limit the rise of global temperatures to fight the climate emergency. 

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