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The Amazon is burning. . . 

Air Advocate is here to explain what’s going on.

Help him and Denizen Defender tell Tesco to drop forest destroyers


Use the hashtags







and tag @tesco in your post to make sure they hear our roar!

Watch Greenpeace animation

There's a monster in my Kitchen below . . .

Cambridge Friends of the Earth (FoE)

has been challenging environmentally damaging activities and policies

by promoting sustainable alternatives since 1973.


We’re part of a worldwide network of local groups

with whom we can campaign on national

or international issues or, if we want,

we can also campaign on issues just around the corner.  

We’re part of a Climate Coalition with Peterborough FoE

lobbying the Metro Mayor, provide support to local residents seeking help

to protect trees and wild spaces and collaborate with other environmental

and social justice groups in the city such as the new

Friends of the River Cam group

and our fabulous mates in Cambridge Greenpeace.


We organise the litter-picking at the Strawberry Fair

and enjoy making unusual arty things

like the windmill from an old bicycle wheel

and putting the yarn-bombed sofa onto wheels!


We meet once a month

or you can have a chat with our friendly Coordinator

to find out about current campaigns:

01223 411350 /

Extinction Rebellion

XR Cambridge

XR is a non-violent direct action movement.

We're made up of autonomous groups who plan

and do actions that aim to disrupt business as usual,

whether that's to cause physical disruption

or to make people think differently about the system we live in.

We demand that the government take immediate action on the climate

and ecological crisis. 


Our actions are diverse

and we have a range of targets and campaigns.

Recently we've run a divestment campaign

demanding that the university

and colleges divest from fossil fuels

and we've held artistic actions in the road.


Want to do something?

Visit our events page

to find out if there's an action you can come along to.


To find out more about us,

go to

or email

- if you are interested in joining

email the affinity group support team

who can help you join a group.

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