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Wren in my Garden by Nat Barden 2020

Pencil on paper, mounted on card 

We have a little wren that has been singing its heart out in my parents garden. Such a beautiful vibrant song from an equally spirited little bird! I hope I've caught a little bit of their spirit in my little drawing which I did for my dad. 

Since the lockdown many people have commented on the rise of birdsong in their gardens due to reduce traffic noise happening on the roads.

Lilac's scent, birds' peal

Our garden, our lockdown world

Green, peaceful, dreaming

Haiku by Fiona Westlake 2020

Our garden is rather unkempt but with the glorious weather in April and the lockdown at its height, we were so grateful to have our own green space. We've been having meals or just sitting out there far more than usual and have really appreciated the lack of traffic and cleaner air. It would be lovely if everyone took the opportunity lockdown has given to us to commit to a better, greener future.

2019-05-18 13.01.59.jpg

The  right to a Home by Katie Keeble 2020

Recycled copper wire in a tree

This piece is to raise awareness towards protecting the right for nature wildlife to have their homes, especially during the spring time when they are all nesting and feeding their young. A birds instinct to nest is the same as a human right to have a home. Their homes live in trees in and amongst many ancient woodlands across the UK, currently being destroyed by the government. The destruction is happening under the radar of general public during COVID 19 and we are all preoccupied with anxieties in keeping healthy and surviving. The government has given orders for ancient woodland to be cut/destroyed for the construction of HS2 and other airport runway construction. This means the destruction of many wildlife homes.

A group of Knot (Calidris canutus) by Carole Davis 2019


Taken in Iceland in Aug 2019 on their southward migration from breeding grounds in Greenland and north-east Canada to wintering areas in western Europe. Knot use Iceland as a staging post to feed up, to enable them to complete these amazing journeys. These beautiful birds are highly susceptible to the effects of climate change which can impact significantly on their short arctic breeding season.


Curious Goats by Katie Keeble 2020

Watercolour and pencil on paper

Curious goats take over a deserted Welsh town during lockdown, roaming the streets and playing in peoples front gardens. This image is from a local newspaper article and captures their inquisitive nature. 

Soul Balance 2020

Dance on Camera

Dancers - Nat Barden, Katie Keeble

Camera - Kit Westlake

Music - Sleeper Year

It has been important during lockdown to get outdoors into nature and appreciate the positive wonderful things around us all the time. Here is a creative expression through movement, sound and visuals, enjoy!

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